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As an integral part of a national billing network that’s billed for all medical and dental specialties nationwide for the past 28 years, Alpha Care Practice Management provides a whole suite of billing services and resources to maximize efficiency and optimize revenue for your practice by an average of 20% year over year! From timely claim reimbursements to automated revenue cycle management and a variety of other ancillary services, our team of highly trained certified billers has a solution for all your problems!

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Undivided Attention & Personalization

Every solution and every experience is fine-tuned and tailored to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. With strict adherence to industry standards and best practices, innovation coupled with stellar execution and delivery is at the heart of how we maximize efficiency and optimize revenue for you!


National Billing Network

Our billing network has billed for all medical and dental specialties nationwide for the past 28 years! We have a team of certified, highly trained professional billers with decades of combined experience in maximizing claim reimbursements and increasing your practice’s profitability by an average of 20% year over year!


Professional Practice Problem Solvers

As professional consultants, we form long-lasting strategic partnerships with you to maximize and optimize all aspects of revenue collection, process efficiencies and operational control based solely on your unique and specific needs!


100% Customer Delight & Support

Total customer delight and excellent ongoing support is at the core of who we are, and all we do. We go above and beyond to collect every potential dollar earned, as well as look for every means to improve operational efficiencies and grow your patient base. We only get paid when you do, and that keeps us up to date and on time with all billing objectives – always!

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Our Story

Founded in 2020 by Farah and Parvez Daruvala and based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Alpha Care Practice Management specializes in Medical / Dental Billing and Practice Management. It partners nationally with healthcare providers from a variety of different specialties to maximize efficiency and optimize revenue by an average of 20% year over year, so providers can continue to do what they do best – provide excellent patient healthcare without having to worry about operational efficiencies and their bottom-line!

Our Services

We offer a variety of highly personalized services that improves your cash flow and lowers your operating expenses. Each and every customer receives our complete and undivided attention based on which, a solution that’s crafted is tailored solely to meet their unique and specific needs. We proudly offer the following core and ancillary services –

Medical / Dental Billing & Practice Management

Turn your practice into a profitable business with our comprehensive medical & dental billing services!

Medical Collections

Reduce internal costs by as much as 30% and your collection costs by as much as 50% by using our collection system!

Our Softwares

When you work with Alpha Care Practice Management, you’re working directly with the software developer! We offer a suite of professional, state-of-the-art software applications that are advanced, feature-rich, versatile systems, fine-tuned and specifically built to handle all types of specialties. They can be easily accessed online 24/7 from anywhere in the world, or installed right on your computer! From comprehensive analytics and reporting to full revenue cycle management, our softwares are unmatched in their depth, versatility and flexibility!


The most comprehensive, accurate, fail-safe and feature-rich medical billing software available!


A complete dental practice management software that handles dental billing with sophistication and ease!

Our Partners

WOW! You guys are truly awesome. I called Farah needing help finding a specific code for billing purposes at our small practice, and though she had no cause to take a considerable amount of time out of her day to help us, she did just that. She even called back after hours and spoke with me when she identified the correct code for us and helped us get it to a patient on a tight deadline. Thank you, so very much, Alpha Care for the awesome customer service and attention to detail. I will be recommending you to everyone I know who needs help like we did!!

Haley Johnson

I have been working with Alpha Care since the start of the year. I was looking for a billing company to help take my practice to the next step with accepting insurance. Parvez and Farrah have helped me so much. They make the phone calls that I don’t want (and don’t have the time) to make, they fill me in on every detail from making the claims to getting paid. Basically I just fill out a simple template they created, submit it to them via fax, and they take it from there and money appears in my bank account. Sweet! They are very professional and I am given a spreadsheet every week detailing the progress of my claims with all the dollar figures. They are very organized and they even offer counseling on steps to grow my practice with marketing resources and strategies to make the most out of my business. I am very satisfied with the work Alpha Care has done for me as I continue to work with them on my journey to growing my business where they will play a critical part.

Philip Jean, L.Ac

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