About Us

In July 2020, Parvez lost his job – again! So after toiling for 20+ years in the IT industry, Parvez finally decided to take the plunge and do what he always wanted to – start his very own small business! Tough as it was, he realized now was the time to seize the opportunity and make a much cherished dream come true. So he got to work and after 2 months co-founded Alpha Care Practice Management along with his wife Farah. 

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina and specializing in Medical / Dental Billing and Practice Management, their billing network has billed for all medical and dental specialties nationwide for the past 28 years. 

Their team of well-trained certified billers have decades of combined experience in maximizing claim reimbursements for all types of providers by an average of 20% year over year. They form strategic partnerships with customers to maximize and optimize all aspects of revenue collection and operational control based on their unique and specific needs.  

Leadership Team

Parvez Daruvala

Co-founder and CEO

Parvez Daruvala, co-founder and CEO of Alpha Care Practice Management has spent 20+ in the IT industry in a variety of leadership roles. A seasoned, results-driven leadership professional, he has extensive experience consulting for and leading medium to large technology programs in the Banking / Finance, Retail, Healthcare and Insurance industries for Fortune 500 as well as small entrepreneurial companies.

He has been involved in initiatives which make up a CIO’s typical portfolio with budgets ranging from $10 to $250M, including launching, maintaining and enhancing new e-commerce platforms and systems (B2B and B2C), application development, enterprise IT strategy and innovation, maintenance and sustain operations, business operations such as resourcing, budgeting, team engagement and large scale legacy modernization / technology transformation.

Farah Daruvala

Co-founder and CMO

Farah Daruvala, co-founder and CMO of Alpha Care Practice Management is also an independent distributor / consultant for SeneGence and Paparazzi Accessories which are represented by Stylina Beauty and Stylina Fashion respectively. Both of them make up the primary lines of business under her LLC – Stylina. Prior to the aforesaid, she worked at Lufthansa German Airlines for 11 years.

Our Vision

Alpha Care Practice Management will partner with a wide variety of healthcare providers to navigate the twenty-first century with state-of-the-art medical and dental services that will provide financial success via sound business practices and in turn, provide quality healthcare for our families, communities and country!

Our Mission

Alpha Care Practice Management is a practice management consulting company specializing in medical and dental billing services with the primary objective of maximizing efficiency and optimizing revenue for all healthcare providers. We are a one-stop-shop to execute and deliver all medical and dental office administrative functions via state-of-the-art software and services, so healthcare providers are empowered to do what they do best – provide quality healthcare to everyone, every time!

Ready to increase your practice’s profitability by 20%?